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Bikes -

We stock a large range of Bicycles, from Children's bikes to lightweight racing bikes.
Wether you are looking for something to get you to work and back, or fancy the rough and tumble of off road cycling we have a bike for you. Have a look at our bikes page and see what's available to suit your needs.

Style -

Look your best while you cycle to work, or just wrap up warm and keep dry. Choose from our selection of cycling gear and get with the fashion. Also, look on our style page and check out the Team Ireland cycle clothing.

Bicycle Accessories
Bits -

Everything from a needle to an anchor(or from a valve cap to a wheel). If we don't have it in stock we can probably get it for you.

Essential Protection -

Don't take a chance with your brains! Check out our range of cycle helmets

Cycling Shoes For The Feet -

If your in to it you'll probably want shoes. Clip yourself into some and cycle away today.

Cycle Repairs

Repairs -

For when it all goes wrong! Drop in to our shop for more details of our repair service.

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